Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two Down

No, it's not Sparkly. Sparkly has become the elephant in the room. I've taken to walking past Sparkly with my eyes shut and my hands over my ears, singing, "la, la, la" so that it can't get my attention.

Instead of finishing the last seam on Sparkly, I dug these socks out of the bottom of my purse, where they've been languishing for months, and finally finished sock number two. Just in time for sandal weather. But hey, this still counts as a completed project, right?

I love this yarn. It is Online Supersocke 100. This is my first pair of socks with it, and I'm glad I bought several balls when they went on sale, because I think it's my new favorite sock yarn. It's a wool/cotton blend that is soft, resilient, and easy to knit. It comes in a bunch of really fun self-striping colors (the only reason I knit socks is the endless entertainment of watching the stripes and pattern unfold). The yardage is great, too. I have size 11 feet, and there was plenty left over, even though I made the ankles extra-long. If you're interested, you can get your own at littleknits (less than $7 a ball; one ball for a pair of socks).

The pattern is pretty plain vanilla. I worked top-down on 60 stitches in a 2x2 rib for the entire top. I'm lazy. I don't like shaping ankles. I did a slipstitch heel flap, then continued working 2x2 ribbing on just the top of the foot until I reached the toe. Simple, no?


Anonymous said...

Very cool socks!

sophanne said...

Definitely counts as a FO! They look great. Also a very good photo in the discussion of the difficulty of taking pictures of socks.

Evil Sparkly I am removing the hex that you seem to have. Soon the elephant in the room will be the rabbit out of the hat!

Faith said...

Those are so great! I'm impressed- I'm definitely one of those one-sock knitters, and one sock, as we know, is somewhat useless. Size 11 feet? Gee wiz! You know what they say about a lady with big feet? She wears big socks. Badum chhhhhh.