Sunday, March 11, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I have two children, both boys.
2. I have two dogs, both girls.
3. I think this makes the balance of power even.
4. My husband and I are both lawyers.
5. I win all the arguments.
6. My husband's favorite saying is, "A happy wife is a happy life."
7. I adore my husband (and I am very, very happy).
8. I speak three languages.
9. I have lived in several different countries.
10. My favorite city is Paris.
11. I don't speak French.
12. My father is Palestinian.
13. I don't speak Arabic.
14. My father was raised Muslim.
15. My mother was raised Catholic.
16. My husband was raised Jewish.
17. My children are being raised Tolerant.
18. I have degrees in literature, government administration, and law.
19. I used to be a diplomat.
20. I have played piano, violin, and flute.
21. I have no apparent musical talent.
22. I hate cooking.
23. I love gardening.
24. I have painted every room in my house at least twice.
25. I have attended five different universities.
26. I have (naturally) red hair.
27. I have fair skin and freckles.
28. I have olive green eyes.
29. I am almost six feet tall.
30. I have very strong political opinions.
31. I am 37 years old.
32. I am NOT (as my mother keeps telling me) "almost 40."
33. My mother and I are very close.
34. My favorite color is red.
35. Until I was in my thirties, my favorite color was black.
36. I love to read.
37. I once competed in the "Miss Teenage California" pageant. I was fifteen. It was embarassing.
38. I have size eleven feet.
39. I am the youngest of five kids.
40. My oldest sister is nineteen years older than I am.
41. I wanted my kids to be eighteen months apart.
42. They are two years and eight months apart.
43. I wanted to name my daughter Olivia Rose.
44. I don't have a daughter.
45. I once worked on an archaeological dig in Israel, where I spent six weeks digging a pit in what turned out to be a 5000 year old garbage dump.
46. When I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a veterinarian.
47. I wish I had become a veterinarian.
48. I love animals (obviously).
49. My kids have lots of pets (which has nothing to do with my desire to live vicariously through them. Really.)
50. I don't think I can come up with fifty more things to tell you about myself.
51. Except for jeans, I never wear blue.
52. I love to knit with wool, but I seldom wear it, because I secretly think it's itchy.
53. My sons both know how to knit, but only the younger one actually does.
54. I knit in public.
55. I love trashy novels, but I keep them under the bed instead of in the bookshelves with the "respectable" books.
56. My best friend has been my best friend since we were fourteen.
57. Many, many people have told me that I am "intimidating."
58. I hate being late for anything.
59. I like to sleep for at least nine hours a night.
60. I am skinny.
61. I have a grown stepson.
62. He was seven when I started dating his dad.
63. I have been married almost eleven years.
64. I am very handy.
65. I live fifteen minutes from the beach.
66. I prefer the beach in winter.
67. I don't watch professional sports.
68. I don't think "Saturday Night Live" is funny, but I watch it anyway.
69. I don't like reality tv, but I love "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance."
70. I shower at night, instead of in the morning, because of my theory of clean sheets.
71. I am not a morning person. Actually, I'm not even a before-noon person.
72. My husband makes coffee and breakfast before I get up.
73. I recently started wearing reading glasses.
74. I played five varsity sports in high school.
75. I didn't have a boyfriend until I was eighteen years old.
76. I met my husband when I was twenty-three.
77. I breastfed each of my kids for over a year.
78. I think growing roses is too much trouble.
79. I rarely drink alcohol.
80. I eat chocolate every day.
81. I love reptiles.
82. I don't like insects.
83. I overreact to cockroaches (if there is such a thing as "overreacting" to a cockroach.)
84. I was a foreign exchange student in Germany, which is where I learned to knit.
85. My favorite month is April.
86. My least favorite month is August.
87. I enjoy doing laundry.
89. I love to walk, but hate to run.
90. I walk fast.
91. I cannot use a sewing machine. Seriously. They sense my fear and they attack.
92. I have made a few quilts. By hand.
93. My favorite appliance is my vacuum cleaner.
94. I'm sort of a neat freak.
95. I was a slob when I was a kid.
96. I have very vivid dreams.
97. I am extremely analytical.
98. I have a very good memory.
99. I have had surgery six times.
100. I am very, very fortunate.


Angelika said...

Wow, interesting. We DO have a lot of things in common, but some of them are totally opposite. I didn't have and email address, so I figured I'll reply this way. Maybe I should make a 100 list, but the 8 things about me I got tagged with from Tammy will do for now. My husband grew up in SD and we lived in Lakeside for 3 years. One of my two boys is born in Balboa hospital. I used to work for a lawyer in Germany, but now have a heck of a time finding a good job in the states. It sucks, excuse my language. Oh, and sewing machines aren't that scary. I only sew simple things, straight lines like on quilts, but right now I'm into yarn (again). The scrunchies are knitted straight and sewn together. The first one was made in a round, but turned out to be too much trouble with the rubber band inside already.

Unknown said...

that was lovely--I've never read your blog before, but your list was so fascinating I kept reading it.

Anonymous said...

You, fellow animal lover, sound for all the world like a fellow INTJ, LOL! (Bumped into your blog via googling "shrugs.") I live in America's No Longer Finest City, too,(up in the hills of East County, away from the madding crowd, in the middle of a cow field, tho the cows are awol most of the year, boohoo).

PS: I wanted to be a vet, too, when I was younger: never have liked humans as a group at all; critters are much better company (tho I'm totally against the PETA garbage).

Take good care!