Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three Down

Here is the completed Ariann II.

Pattern: Ariann, from ChicKnits

Yarn: Estelle 100% Silk, in Moray Tweed

Size: 36 (38" finished chest)

I am particularly proud of having finished this, since it was unwearable in its first incarnation, and has spent the past couple of months wadded up in the yarn closet. Now that it is resurrected, and actually fits, I am far more proud of it than I would have been had it come out right the first time.

Tomorrow: another finished project!


sophanne said...

Hooray Hooray! That looks great! I'm glad you got outside for a good picture of the color. It is lovely. You are the FO inspiration. I will not start another project- in spite of my dread at the ending of the vest. Must finish stansfield socks #10 from SKS and the rowan vest before playing with new handspun. Oh the humanity.... (did i say that right?)

Is sparkly on the horizon? Dare I ask what is to follow?

sophanne said...

duh... nevermind- Icarus is next, yes?

Anonymous said...

Very nice!!!

Life's a Stitch said...

That's inspiring. It's been a long time simce I've finished a major project.

Anonymous said...

Ariann turned out great! It's very flattering on you. Well done!

Karen said...

Yay! You finished it! It looks awesome! You should be proud fits you perfectly!

p.s. yes, I am horribly behind in blog reading.