Saturday, May 12, 2007

Science, Not Silk

The injustice of it all still rankles. I resisted. I did not knit the silk. Instead, I worked on Sparkly's seams (more about that little fiasco tomorrow). I promised myself that I could have the whole day Saturday with the silk. Just us, no interruptions. Then, at the last moment, my son mentioned that the science field day would be outside. As in, in the field. The dirt field. I just couldn't do that to the silk. What if I dropped it? What if there were burrs? What if someone spilled? But I also couldn't face an entire day with no knitting, so my old friend Orange came along for the ride. Orange, of course, is good, solid, reliable, washable wool. Orange is dependable. Orange can easily take a little dirt, a few burrs, even a soda spill or two. Orange is back in my good graces. Orange now has a back and one cardigan front.

But check this out.

This science field day thing was no small event!

There were 53 teams from 44 elementary schools--at least 700 kids, with parents, teachers, and coaches in tow! It was amazing. Incredible. It was like a major school athletic event, only for nerds. And there was cheering, and food, and prizes, and the kids were so proud of themselves. It didn't hurt that about half of the teams in each event won awards. Did I mention cheering? Major cheering.

It was worth getting up at 6:45 on a Saturday, spending 8 hours hunting for patches of shade, getting sunburned, and driving an hour out of the way with a carload of kids to avoid a pile up on the freeway coming home.

I'd do it again tomorrow for these smiles.


Quail Hill Knits said...

Congratulations to your science "nerds". What a great event!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Those pictures are great. Cute kids!

sophanne said...

I am sure that orange and the "no excuses" team are grateful. Here's what I know, I think it's pretty cool to hear about great mom's who do things for their kids. (bonus points- about a gazillion- when there is cheering involved.) When I see them at my school I am all over them. Sometimes they think I'm a little odd. Go yarn mom Go!

I was also in my sinusitis haze of the weekend picturing a science project for another year involving koolaid and various fibers and how they dye and multipply. I'm not saying that to even be funny- it crossed my mind and I thought- hey I've got to tell her that. THEN I laughed at my sinusitis haze.