Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Icarus It Is

The bloggers have spoken, and my husband has confirmed: Icarus it is.

I am talking, of course, about the wedding shawl for my friend. Everyone who expressed an opinion liked Icarus best of the options I presented. Icarus was actually fourth on my list of four, but who am I to argue with The Bloggers? It is a beautiful pattern, and has the added advantage of being relatively simple, or so I believe. Time will tell how "simple" it really is. I still have to choose the yarn--I'm considering a cashmere/silk blend in ivory--and I'm trying to decide on needles. Since I don't have any that are appropriate, I have a perfectly legitimate excuse to buy exactly what I want. I'm thinking either Addis or KnitPicks Options (which I love).

In related topics, I met the groom-to-be over the weekend. They were in town to celebrate Mother's Day with the bride-to-be's mother, and my husband and I took them out to dinner on Saturday. I am happy to report that he passed muster. He's a soft-spoken, mild-mannered, intelligent type--just what I would have chosen for her if the decision had been mine. He clearly adores her, which was lovely to see. And he bought her a Rock, with a capital "R." So now I feel perfectly comfortable being absolutely delighted for her, and I can begin her shawl in good conscience.


sophanne said...

which one was your first choice and why? just curious. This is the first lace, yes? I'll be an eager vicarious knitter-looking for a reason to try it myself! Hoping to find out it's worth the effort.

Faith said...

TAG! You're it. Hope you don't mind.

5elementknitr said...

I love Jade Sapphire! ( It's like $34 a skein but there's 400yards per skein and it's cashmere and silk! Gorgeous!