Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Multiplying Mosaics

So. Much. Fun!

I love watching the different patterns emerge. I'm mostly following the pattern, except when I don't feel like it. As you can see, I'm up to six octagons. I think I've almost figured out how to do them now. Crochet is not really my forte, so some of these are a I'm sure it won't matter once they're all sewn together--or at least, that's my theory. If prior experience is any indicator, I won't have long to worry about it until it is confiscated by one of my family members and spirited away.

I am knitting, too. I have the body and most of one sleeve done on my current top-down raglan. But since it is plain stockinette, and beige to boot, it's not all that exciting to look at. And since it's heavy alpaca, I'm not willing to risk heat stroke to model an in-progress shot for you. I shouldn't complain; while the rest of the country has been melting all summer, it's been mid-70s and perfect here all season. This is only day 2 of our heat wave, and it's supposed to taper off later today. What can I say? I'm a weather wimp. I am counting on the heat to dry my laundry, though, since the dryer is still dead and the repair guy isn't coming until tomorrow. I'm hoping he can fix it on the spot. Send good appliance juju!

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Mo said...

I love the colors you chose for your new blanket! It will definitely get nabbed as soon as you are done :)