Thursday, September 1, 2011


Missing: One camera cord. Grey, wrapped in a twist tie. Perfectly cared for and maintained for more than five years. Always garaged in its own space. Lent once to a male family member sometime in May 2011. Missing ever since. If found, please return to this desperate knit blogger so she can finally post some damned photos! Thank you.


5elementknitr said...

Wanna borrow mine?

sophanne said...

Do what I did and buy a card reader and a second sd card so you'll never have to remember to put it back. Just switch them when it's time to upload.

Unknown said...

Uhm, I don't mean to sound all negative, but I can't help it. In my experience items lent to male family members and then gone missing, especially anything like a computer related cable, never never re-emerge. But good luck, maybe it'll be different at your house!