Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sweet Orange

Here it is: my sweet Orange. And I love it. I loved it when I chose the pattern, when I bought the yarn, and all through its miles and miles of dk weight stockinette, and more miles and miles of garter stitch on size 3 needles. I didn't love it quite as much while I was sewing up its many seams and weaving in its many ends, but the course of true love has its bumps in the road. And now? I love it all the more.

I am having significant trouble getting a decent picture of it, as you can see. The yarn has some silk in it, which keeps reflecting and turning it into an orange blob in pictures. And that weirdness on the right side of the collar? That's not the sweater. That's my twisted neck. I must have moved. The above picture is the best I could persuade my husband to take (but then, he was making dinner at the time). You should see the ones I rejected.

Here's a mirror shot, which doesn't add much, but does give a slightly more accurate image of the burnt orange shade. It is burnt orange, not pumpkin, as it looks above.

Pattern: "Plaza" from Rowan Classic Cafe book one

Yarn: Queensland Uruguay dk (merino, alpaca, silk) in color #06

Size: 36

For once, I made no changes to the pattern. (Well, except for the yarn.) But here's where I need your advice. I think the cardigan is beautiful as it is. It is classic, fitted, and quite elegant. The pattern, however, actually calls for a kind of funky edging. See?

Initially, I thought the pattern was really cute, except for the edging. But over time, those curlicues started to grow on me, and I was looking forward to doing them. Now that it's done, though, I really do like it the way it is. So what do you think: curlicues or no curlicues?


Romi said...

That looks *fabulous*! I love it: the pattern, the color, the fit.

Isn't it annoying that the best looking sweaters are always the most boring to knit? *g*

shopgirl said...

So fantastic in so many ways! Color, style, fit, all of it. Absolutely love it.

Not sure about thouse curlicues, though. It will completely change the style of the sweater. It might be really cute, but I can't picture it.

Anonymous said...

I love orange! Wow! That turned out so nice! It is cute the way it is. Curlicues would definitely change the look - it would be cute! And different! Tough decision...

Anonymous said...

I like the sweater the way it is, without the curlicues. Right now it's a classically styled sweater that looks like it will get lots of wear for years to come. The curlicues are cute, but seem like they would look a little too trendy. Just my opinion. I do like the color and the fit of the sweater as is!

Karen said...

I like it just the way it is too. It's a nice, well fitted, classic sweater. Nice knitting!

Olga said...

I agree, no fru fru on collar. Awesome color! I love it.

sophanne said...

Thanks for the great comment on today's post. I like that word "bittersweet."

Can you do a little bit of the fru on an edge and see if you like it in person? That's what I'd be inclined to do. Maybe not necessarily commit to it but just try out a little to see how it feels.

I'm here to say that if you are willing to spend the hours it must have taken carefully finishing it, that lace must be making you a little crazy. When is the lace "due?"

And, why is it that I feel the need to be your personal knitting cheerleader? Several times between your postings I thought- I need to find out how its going with yarnhog- must be my vicarious lace experience. : )

Maureen said...


I have to say I was doubly stunned by your post. First by the beautiful elegance of your sweater and secondly by the statement "...he was making dinner at the time".

Sigh...where did I go wrong? ;)

Curlicues - I'd say leave as is. The sweater has an elegant, timeless look to it that would be altered by the addition of curlicues.

5elementknitr said...

I like it w/o the curlicues, much more classic.

Isn't this like asking advice about a boyfriend, tho? The advice giver may lose either way!

Tina said...

Wow! It's stunning. I love the color! So hard to know with the wiggly stuff, though it seems like you could easily get tired of it. Or love it. Dang!

Anonymous said...

It is really lovely! Orange is a great color, one of my favorites.