Friday, June 8, 2007

I Couldn't Stand It

Yes, I did order new yarns and patterns. But it will be at least a week before they arrive, and the only thing on the needles is Icarus. I lasted almost a day before I raided the stash for something new.

I bought this yarn from the DeStash website a couple of months ago, and I've been looking forward to doing something fun with it for summer. It's a lot different than my usual yarn choices, but I couldn't resist the colors and the gold thread running through it (oooo...sparkly!). No existing patterns jumped out at me, so I decided (with only five minutes to go before "So You Think You Can Dance?" started) to do a little drapey jacket. I'm thinking a slightly cutaway shape at the front, three-quarter sleeves, in plain stockinette, with a ribbed or garter stitch edging all the way around and a narrow shawl-like collar. I'm not sure exactly how much yarn there is--the yardage is less than usual in this gauge, so I think I'll work the body and then make final decisions on the edging, sleeves, and collar based on how much yarn I have left. This could, of course, be a recipe for disaster, but that's what ball-winders are for. One of my favorite things about knitting is, no matter how badly things go wrong, you can always rip it out and start over. Wouldn't it be great it life came with a ball-winder?


sophanne said...

Life coming with a ball winder- Some fibers get all haggy if you frog and wind too much, yes? I'd be one of those for sure. Sometimes I get kind of haggy just getting through the swatch. That yarn is gorgeous. I don't often buy clothes out of my comfort zone but I love it when I get enough nerve to buy yarn outside of it.

Patty said...

You know, I don't own a ball winder yet. And, my yarn swift is DH's hands. I've been asking for a ball winder for a couple of years now. Maybe this year I'll get lucky. However, the more I knit, the more often the yarn is in hanks or skeins and the more of a pain in the arse making my own balls are.

I cannot wait to see what this yarn of yours turns into. It is sure pretty!