Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming Unraveled

I finished Clue 1 for Enchanted Wood a few days ago (ahead of schedule!), and since the next clue won't be out until the 22nd, I picked up my current pair of socks to fill the gap. I made such good progress that by the end of American Idol last night, I had two socks that looked like this:

All they needed was a bind off.

Ordinarily, I would have gone to bed then, but I was so close to the finish that I figured I'd just stay up a little later and get them bound off.

Does anyone else hear the Knitting Goddess cackling?

I got about ten stitches into the bindoff of the first sock when I discovered I had somehow dropped a stitch while binding off. I started tinking back. The bindoff I'm using involves knitting two stitches, slipping them back to the left needle, then knitting them through the back loops. This makes a nice, stretchy edge for toe-up socks. It is also absolutely impossible to tink back. After two hours and a raging desire for a bottle of Xanax, I had one sock ready for its bind off and one sock that looked like this:

Oh, yeah. It's not pretty, folks.

But for once, I'm proud to say, I recognized bitter reality while it was staring me in the face and bowed to the inevitable. I stuffed the sock back into its bag and went to bed.


Anonymous said...

I groaned at that last photo. Been there, done that, not a lot of fun. Could be worse, though -- could be garter stitch. (I hate picking up garter stitch.)

sophanne said...

My guess is that the knitting goddess was not fond of last night's version of Amazing Grace.

Sharon said...

I'm glad you decided to put it away for the time being and deal with it later. Knitting Goddess knows you get knocked down but you get up again.

Patty said...

Naughty sock! I hope the 'time out' bag helps.

Anonymous said...


sheep#100 said...

I think I need a lie down now!