Friday, January 22, 2010

FO: Patience Socks

And they're done!

The nifty sock blockers were a Christmas present from my husband--he came up with it all by himself! I can't imagine using them to block socks--do people really do that?--but they're perfect for taking FOtos.

The Details:

Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Sweetpea. Definitely my new favorite yarn. I've been snatching it up in Rav destashes as fast as I can hit "pay now."

Needles: Size 2 Bryspun dpns. I really wanted to use the Bryspun needles and size 2 is as small as they go, so even though I'd prefer a smaller needle, I gave them a shot. They socks turned out fine. I think this yarn is a little thicker than most sock yarn. I did the cuffs on size 1s (some new wood dpns I got from DyakCraft--formerly Grafton fibers--thanks to a tip from kmkat), because I was hoping tighter ribbing would help them stay up.

Pattern: Winged it. Cast on toe up and increased to 56 stitches. Worked in k2, p2 on the tops only for four rounds, then switched to p2, k2 to get a checkerboard pattern. Toe, bottoms, and short row heels are plain stockinette. When I got to the ankle, I continued the checkerboard pattern all the way around. The cuffs are k2, p2 ribbing. I really like the finished texture. It looks almost like a diamond weave.

Size: Women's 11. I worked the foot until it measured 8.5 inches from the toe, then started the short row heel. After the heel, I worked about an extra inch before beginning the ankle. Foot length is about 11 inches.

Name: Well, that's pretty straightforward. I started these waiting in the doctor's office--for hours--and finished them while waiting for the release of Clue 2 of the Enchanted Wood mystery shawl. "Patience" seemed appropriate. I wonder if wearing them will give me more of it?


Anonymous said...

Lovely socks! Glad you liked the needles :)

I'm a little confused by the name of the colorway, though. "Sweetpea"? Shouldn't that be some shade of pink? Glad it isn't, though; I like this color much better than any shade of pink.

Patty said...

Gorgeous! I love how you seem to just whip these things up! The talent!

Now, lets see some shots of that beaded lacy project too. I'm intrigued (and, as I'd never have the nerve to try something like that myself, am also living vicariously!).

Fibra Artysta said...

They look great! And yeah, some people do block their socks. I've never really understood it, either. I knit them, wash them and wear them right away. I figure my feet can block them.

Unknown said...

Yummy for texture and colourway.

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks, you have inspired me to get back to mine! Not sure if I would ever block mine, either.

Donna said...

I'm guessing you like the Bryspun's because they are plastic. You might try Pony Pearls, they are plastic, too and come in sizes right down to 0 (2.00mm). These are my favorites. Little hard to find up here in Canada, but I get them shipped up from Judy at (free shipping too) Nice socks, eh.

Rachel said...

Ooh, those are pretty. I can see why your addiction to that yarn is growing. Glad to see you waited until morning to finish fixing the sock...that dropped stitch mess made my eye twitch a bit!