Monday, February 11, 2008


Missing: six skeins of Noro Silver Thaw. Purple, turquoise, and green. Very soft and slightly fuzzy. Has never been out of its bag, and is probably frightened. Was picked up by UPS on January 21 and hasn't been seen since. If found, please contact me. I miss it!

Yes, sadly the sweater's worth of Silver Thaw that I ordered weeks ago is missing in action.

Good news: Sue at Little Knits is wonderful. She's saved me more than once when I've failed to plan ahead (most notably with Icarus), and she's always willing to go the extra mile for a customer. She has determined that UPS picked up the package (she has a receipt), so she can file a claim.

Bad news: That was the last six skeins of the color I want.

Good news: There is more coming in soon and she will send it right out.

Bad news: This was to be my Lake Tahoe project, but will not arrive in time.

Good news: I get to pick a new project.

Bad news: I have two projects in the immediate queue, but neither one is the sort I want for a long car trip. Too complex.

Good news: I know lots of knitters!

I need something fairly simple, but not boring. I want a sweater, of course. I don't want to design it. I'd prefer a pullover. I have lots of dk and worsted weight yarn in sweater quantities. I'm in the middle of a couple of house projects that need to be finished before we leave, so I'm short on time for hunting for patterns. But I know you all have lists of great sweater patterns just waiting to be made, so I've decided to put myself in your most capable hands. Recommendations, anyone?


Angelika said...

My mind is blank right now, so I'm of no help. Must be allergies.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

You want to knit a sweater and not design it??

sophanne said...

I'd go for Wicked. The boat neck with twisted rib suits you and you can decide long or short sleeves. It's the first pattern I've ever done a second time.

Olga said...

time for a whole new direction in your knitting.
and they is wee bits to knit on in a car.

Tammy said...

Rogue? Must Have Cardi? I'm in indecision apathy myself. Let me know what you decide and maybe I'll just knit along. I've been thinking about cotton too with the current heat wave. Maybe CeCe? Ugh. What can I knit with some Rowan Calmer?

Tracy Purtscher said...

Hmmm a pullover eh? Pullovers haven't been on my radar lately, but what about Phyllo Yoked Pullover
by Norah Gaughan? The pattern is in Knitting Nature.

If you would consider a cardi, I'd suggest Urban Aran by Paton's it's in the Street Smart booklet. Checkout the one tikru did in Ravelry!

As for freebie patterns (read as easily obtainable quickly) I'm dying to try the Drops 97-11 It's a heavier wt vest but the pattern does have long sleeve version in it.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I agree with the Wicked suggestion, or maybe the Somewhat Cowl?

Anonymous said...

Cable Spiral Sweater from Knitting Nature or Memories of the Ukraine from Natural Knitter are my top two simply designed DK choices.

Kim said...

All I can think of are cardigans. Mr. Greenjeans, Forecast, CPH. All pullovers that immediately come to mind are too dull for an exciting woman like you. I feel so sad that your Noro is lost out there with no to care for it.