Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Noro, Revisited

Okay, okay. I didn't really abandon it. Here it is, in all its glory. And I have to admit, I don't hate it. I specifically wanted a simple, relaxed, weekend pullover to wear with jeans. Believe it or not, the mismatched stripes have actually ceased to bother me (mostly because lots of people have complimented the sweater, and not one has noticed the flaw--of course, none of them are knitters). But it does have a new nickname: The Blob. Remember the old movie? You know, the slimy ooze that keeps consuming...well...everything, and just keeps growing and growing and growing? That's this sweater. Not the ooze part. At least, not yet. But the growing part? It defies all reason. I've worn the thing three times, and each time, it's grown at least a full size. It started out with a 40 inch chest. At last measure, it was at 46 inches. And the length started out at 24 inches, and is now 27 inches. Or it was this afternoon. Now? I don't know now. By tomorrow I may have a mini-dress. I'm tall (5'11"), but I only have a 35 inch chest, so I'm not entirely sure whether the thing is going to trip me or fall off my shoulders first.

If anyone out there knows a woman who's a size 48 extra long, or a pro wrestler who wouldn't mind wearing a purple-turquoise-and-gold-mohair sweater, let me know. Just in case.


knitspot anne said...

wow. THAT is a LOT of growing. but i love the colorway and, i have to tell you, the first thing i thought when i saw it was "that is the most evenly-striped, best-matched noro sweater i ever saw"!
i swear, i said that before i even knew it was noro for sure.

Life's a Stitch said...

I had a seater do that once, I actually got brave and felted it slightly so it had a bit of a boiled wool look. More easily done with a cardigan, though.

Unknown said...

You know, everything I buy from Old Navy does the same thing! Maybe try re-blocking it and squashing it together some?