Friday, April 6, 2007


My husband is a terrific guy. The best. He's a great husband, a wonderful father, has a unique sense of humor, is incredibly generous, works hard, and cooks (you'd have to understand how much I dislike cooking to really appreciate that). But when it comes to my knitting, he's...less than enthusiastic. His interest level in knitting is about the same as my interest level in tires. So today, when he walked in and saw me knitting this,

you can imagine how astounded I was when he stopped dead in his tracks and exclaimed: "Wow! What are you making? It's beautiful!" I looked at him, carefully scanning for signs of sarcasm. I mean, this man has seen me knit complex arans, intricate lace, and socks (which, for someone with my spatial orientation problems, is nothing short of miraculous) without so much as a grunt of interest. Finding no evidence of lack of sincerity, and tentatively deciding he might be serious, I cautiously pointed out that it was twelve rows of garter stitch in dk weight merino, and not really all that interesting.

"Yeah," he answered with enthusiasm worthy of a cheerleader, "but it's ORANGE!"

Who knew?


Unknown said...

What a perfect reaction! I once had a boyfriend who only got excited when I would knit "those twisty things."

Anonymous said...

So what are you making with the orange yarn?

Patty said...

I had to comment. I just found your blog (through Kristen over at 'A Few Things to Say'). If I'd seen your lovely orange yarn, I'd have stopped dead in my tracks too. Orange is my favouritist colour. I'm 'back reading' your blog now. I hope to see how the orange turned out!