Friday, April 27, 2007


As I was tidying up the stash closet today, I came across this:

Know what it is? This is what I used to use to wind skeins into balls before I got my beloved ball winder and swift from my beloved husband as a gift last Christmas. I made it out of my kids' TinkerToys. I would sit on the sofa with this thing between my knees and hold it in place by resting my legs on the edges. Then I would put my feet on an ottoman, spread them apart, and drape a skein over my toes. I would unwrap the skein with one hand while turning the crank with the other. Not comfortable, I'll admit, but it was very entertaining for others to watch.

But did it work?--you ask. Judge for yourself:

One beautiful (if somewhat loosely-wound) center-pull ball.

Knitters are nothing if not ingenious. Wanna see my drop spindle?


Anonymous said...

OK, so I way late on this post also but I could not let such a clever contraption sit around with no comments congratulating you on its very existence. I love that you invented this. See how being a mom leads to new skills in ways you never would have expected.

RuTemple said...

Heck, yeah, I wanna see your drop spindle!
Are you on Ravelry yet? If, no, the line is moving fast now that Jess and Casey have their servers (and it's Worth the Wait!) There's a DIY Tools forum you'd love, and be appreciated at there...