Friday, June 15, 2012

Chickening Out

I was going to title this post, "Pimp My Coop," but I decided that might lead to some undesirable search results, so I chickened out.

Remember this picture of my coop?

I really like it, but it looked a little bare, especially in my drab concrete dog yard.  Today I did something about that:

It's not much, but I think once it grows in, it will add a nice bit of vegetation to this barren part of my yard.  You know the spot; we all have one.  It's the place you store the garbage cans, the leftover construction materials, the wood pile.  At my house, it's also the dogs' toilet, so it's smelly as well as dirty and I hate it.  In the past few weeks, I've gotten it mostly cleaned up, and with the addition of the coop and the tiny coop garden, it's becoming more tolerable.

This is still a utility space, as you can see by my compost lineup.

That's the worm bin under the window, the dog waste can next to it, and the rabbit/chicken can next to that.  The worm bin is going great, by the way.  It's been up and running about three weeks now, and the worms are reproducing like crazy!  I've been putting most of the kitchen scraps and coffee grounds/filters in there, so it's getting pretty full.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to move some of the worms to a new bin soon.

And by the way?  That tall plant in the corner next to the worm bin is my perennial volunteer tomato, still going strong!


Linda said...

Omg! I'm dyin' here!! rotflmao! That has got to be the cutest, funniest thing ever seen!! Wow, you have to have the happiest chickens ever. Maybe a pool next? That would be hilarious!!

Jean Baardsen said...

Really cute! Upscale chickens....

sophanne said...


ktb38 said...

Cutest coop ever.