Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Kozmo

Dear Kozmo,

Dogs are friends, NOT food. Eating other dogs is BAD. I’m guessing you’ve had a hard life and maybe some run-ins with bigger, meaner dogs (although I’ve never actually met a dog bigger or meaner than you), but it is no longer necessary for you to be the biggest, baddest dog on the street. You are safe now. You are clean and well-fed and have a soft bed. I know you are a sweetheart. I don’t hesitate to stick my hand down your throat to give you your meds. I know you would sooner swallow your tongue than bite me. And you have amply demonstrated your loyalty and protectiveness toward the pack. But truly, we don’t need you to protect us from every other dog on the planet. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I’ll let you know, and you can be the first one out of the gate. But until then, could we dial it back a bit and let the other dogs live?




kbrow said...

Oh my...he's beautiful. That letter could easily have been written to my own Mr. Cricket, who perceives it as his personal mission to beat up, or at least drive away any other dog in the vicinity. This rule applies all too often to strange humans not properly introduced, as well.

Good luck with your special needs friend. Dogtor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, living at my house.

Suzanne said...

Uh oh. Kozmo turn into Cujo?

kmkat said...

A friend who is a retired vet loaned us a book on dog behaviors and how to deal with/change them. I'm pretty sure there was an entire chapter on dogs with Kosmo's behavior. I'm not at home now and I cannot remember the name of the book; I'll try to remember to email it to you later this week when I am back home.

sophanne said...

Liza is funny- all dogs on some type of lead or chain are threats (even if it's the broken chain of the neighbors dog) but a free running dog is less of an issue.

Given that most dogs she encounters are leashed and she is as well, we too struggle with this issue. She's reacting before she even has a chance to assess.

If kmkat remembers the book, feel free to mention it on the next post!

Steph B said...

Awwww, he's so gorgeous! Our rescue girl took almost four years before she stopped growling and snapping at every strange man who entered the house. I really think it just took her that long to realize and accept that we weren't going to let anyone hurt her. She's still a little slow to warm up to most men, but she does it. Kozmo will get there, just keep working with him.

Anonymous said...

We just rescued a 2 year old dog a few weeks ago, and she is suffering from some separation anxiety (only from me, not my husband). She has taken to chewing our yarn. I keep telling myself that this will just take time.

I hope the same is true of Kozmo!