Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dancing on the Dark Side

Yes, it's true: I do sometimes dabble in the dark arts. Crochet, that is. This is the Mosaic Afghan I started a few months ago. I quickly crocheted the first 12 motifs, then lost interest for a while. A few days ago, after I finished Mom Blankie, I picked it up again and quickly finished the last eight hexagons. Today I sewed them into strips and started on the small squares that go in the empty spaces.

My pictures aren't great, because I took them inside and wobbled a little on the dining room chair I was standing on, but you get the idea. If I can keep the momentum going, this one could be finished in a few days!

1 comment:

Linda said...

The hexagons look beautiful. Can't wait to see it totally finished. (No pressure...just saying. hehehe). To me it looks like hand painted ceramic Mexican tiles. Very nice!