Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Tuesday in November



Lydee said...

on my way!

SusanJane said...

I voted early--- October 17th. Took almost two hours in line, but of course I had brought my knitting so it was time well spent. My spouse went this AM, took him about 40 minutes. He saw several neighbors, including the girl across the street who won't be able to vote until January-- her birthday-- but was working at the polls assisting older poll workers with computer stuff! Hooray for the next generation!

Anonymous said...

I voted. DH voted. #2 son voted. Haven't heard from #1 son yet but I would be amazed if he didn't.

I want to be a poll worker, but it seems that the same 5 elderly ladies do it every time, and I would hate to put one of them out of a job.