Saturday, November 8, 2008

Edging Toward the Finish

My Not-So-Sahara is knitting up quickly, and I think it's working out fine. I ended up having to play with the numbers a bit. With the larger gauge (16 sts. to four inches instead of 20 sts.), even the smallest size would have ended up too big. So I just used the measurements of the original, combined with my own modifications for fit, to come up with the right stitch counts.

This is my original Sahara, worked at the gauge called for in the pattern:

This is my Not-So-Sahara, worked at the larger gauge:

The fabric isn't washed or blocked yet, obviously, and will grow a bit when it is. Based on my gauge swatch (stop that laughing; I know gauge is just a myth, but it's all I have to work with), the finished sweater should be about two inches bigger around than it is right now, which should be about perfect, since I want this one to be a little looser than the original. As you can see, I've only got a few more inches before I reach the edging, which means I need to make a decision.

I'm having some trouble choosing a ribbing for this sweater. I'd like to do the cuffs and bottom in garter stitch, but I like all my ribbing to match, which means I'd have to do the shawl collar in garter, too. (It's a symmetry thing.) I don't really have anything against a garter stitch collar, and garter stitch is pretty good for hiding short rows, but it does seem a little bland. I could do a basic 2 x 2 ribbing, which I'd like for the collar, but I'm not sure I want that for the cuffs and bottom, since I don't want them to pull in. Whatever ribbing I use, it needs to be reversible, since both sides will be visible on the collar. And it needs to work with short rows, which most patterns don't. I've been through my stitch dictionaries and I haven't come up with anything I like all that much. I'm debating the possibility of doing everything in garter and then adding an interesting edging just on the collar, maybe along the lines of this, only less bobbley. (I actually made this sweater, but I left off the collar edging.)

If I can't come up with a better solution before I hit the bottom, I'll go with garter, but if anyone has any more interesting suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


sheep#100 said...

    How about seed stitch?

BTW, my word is "indent"

Sharon said...

oo! I like that collar detail.

Anonymous said...

I second trek's suggestion, only I was gonna call it moss stitch. Same diff, right?

Anonymous said...

Would it look terribly different if you used a different ribbing on the bottom than the collar? Like 3x1, or something that didn't pull in as much?

CatBookMom said...

Good progress! I commiserate about the myths of gauge swatches. It's so unfair that you have to knit 4 or more inches before you can really tell that the Real Gauge is so markedly different than Swatch Gauge. Always so PO'd to have to frog the whole beginning.

Tracy Purtscher said...

It's looking great! How about a moss/seed stitch? Either double or single although for edging I prefer single.

LOL oops just read other comments...looks like several of us are on the same page.

Sarah said...

You could split the difference, and do a garter stitch that looks like a rib. Just slip one with the yarn in the back on the wrong side every few stitches. (I hope that makes sense.)

janet said...

I like ribbing for the edge and cuffs and a lace stitch for the collar - so it doesn't look heavy. Here's a link -
It's angora and only $40 so I'm cheating.
I need your help with Free Pattern, aka Prima.

Haley said...

i also love seed stitch. i have no idea how it works with short rows though. can't wait to see what you decide.

5elementknitr said...

I like the edging on the Pimlico Shrug in Knit 2 Together. You have a 2X2 rib that goes into a 3X3 rib - that's gotta accomodate short rows somehow, right?

Also for the cuff, lower edge rib, would going up a couple needle sizes keep it from pulling in?

Sunflowerfairy said...

How about the garter stitch collar from Sienna Cardigan by Ann E. Smith? The sweater was in an interweave knits at some point.

Here's the rav link: