Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What the Heck is "Siddhartha"?

You're Siddhartha!

by Hermann Hesse

You simply don't know what to believe, but you're willing to try
anything once. Western values, Eastern values, hedonism and minimalism, you've spent
some time in every camp. But you still don't have any idea what camp you belong in.
This makes you an individualist of the highest order, but also really lonely. It's
time to chill out under a tree. And realize that at least you believe in

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Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Very cool. Must do.

Kim said...

What the heck are "ferries?" Fairies? I took the quiz and I am William Faulkner, The Sound & the Fury: "strong willed but deeply confused. . . . Ultimately you signify nothing." I heart quizzes.

sophanne said...

You are indeed a deep and powerful thinker in a quest for the meaning of life, trying out all sorts of existences before finding the right path.

I ended up as Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle- and it said I like to play with string. I feel so completely validated and glad to find out I was a book I had actually read.

Olga said...

I remember reading that in college, sort of...

Life's a Stitch said...

I'm the guns of August. OK. Very strange.

Unknown said...

Thought you'd like to know that the sequel to this quiz, the Book Quiz II, was launched this week. Enjoy!