Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Win

All right, all right.

I'll redo the grafting. I don't want to. (Picture my lower lip sticking out.) But I will. As soon as I'm done knitting the rest of the sweater. Special thanks to Haley and Melissa for directions on grafting garter stitch. I think I get it. If I can untangle my hopeless cast on row, I should be able to fix it. The rest of the sweater is coming along nicely.

I do love that Cotton Fleece. It's such a delight to work with: smooth and soft, with a lovely hand and great stitch definition. And it's really comfortable to wear, especially against the skin. And the yardage is terrific. Almost makes me want to give up my alpaca fetish. Not quite, but almost.

And now a question (or plea, to be more accurate). I know a lot of knitters are also spinners. I read your blogs and drool over your handspun. I've been wanting to learn to spin for a while now, and I've come to the conclusion that it is inevitable. I've made many inquiries but I cannot find anyone locally who can teach me to spin, and no local place where I can try out different spinning wheels (which I'm told is important in choosing a wheel of your own).

So my question--questions--are these:

How did you learn to spin?

What type of wheel(s) do you use, and what do you like/dislike about it/them?

Do you have any advice for someone who's never tried spinning and will have to go it alone, either about choosing a wheel or learning to spin?

I can tell you that, based on my reading and research (and some simply arbitrary decision-making), I am leaning toward an Ashford Traveller (double-treadle, single drive). I'd appreciate any information you'd care to share (especially of the "No, don't touch the fragistat or the chisinflop will explode!" variety), since I'm sort of wallowing in the dark, here. You can leave your advice in comments, or email me ( Thanks, all.


sophanne said...

I was getting ready to send you the postal bag instructions myself. (Just kidding!) Anyway-come to find it's called a messenger bag-that's been the problem all along-not really.

I'll be interested to know about the spinning comments. Again revealing your wisdom- asking questions before jumping in.

Anonymous said...

Grecian pleats is looking really good. I like cotton fleece too.
I know nothing about spinning, though I am curious to learn more about it. I'll be reading your comments.

Karen said...

I had a feeling you'd redo the grafting. I think you'll be happy that you did.

As for the spinning. I have a Lendrum. There is nothing I do not like about my Lendrum. With the regular flyer, the fast flyer and the bulky flyer, it covers a huge range of ratios. While I think it helps to have someone show you things when learning to spin, there are plenty of people who have taught themselves. With a book or two and u-tube, you'll be fine.

Faith said...

I got the cheapest wheel I could find! A louet s17, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend unless you are also looking for an inexpensive wheel. Make sure the bobbin is big enough- I've seen some ashfords with bobbins that couldn't hold more than 80 yards of bulky! And googling, lots of googling for good spinning advice.

Anonymous said...

I have an Ashford Kiwi, which I bought from Deb (Chappysmom) who lives about 2 miles form me. It's small and is a double treadle. If you have any spinning friends get them to show you or else internet and books are good. There's a book out that excellent: something about learnign to spin visually. I have it, but forget the exact title. Once you get the hang of it, spinning is so fun and relaxing. Plus roving is cheaper than yarn. Fiber festivals are good places meet up with spinners and see different wheels. It really is inevitable once the idea of buying a wheel gets in your head.

Romi said...

Ooooh. The yoke looks *way* cool. :)

Quail Hill Knits said...

I'll teach you. When you like to get together?