Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Contest Winners!

I randomly picked the comment numbers 3, 14, and 27 for my winners (after throwing out duplicate comments or multiples from the same person). This means the lucky winners are Maureen of 5 and a Beagle , The ADD Knitter, and Kathleen of Quail Hill Knits! Please email me your addresses and I will send out your sock yarn. If you want to tell me your color preference(s), I will honor them, if possible. My email address is:

As for my knitting spot, which was the inspiration for this contest, it is currently in a state of distressing disarray. My sofas have been picked up and taken away to be fitted for their new outfits, and the rest of the furniture is currently residing in the kitchen while the carpet dries from its shampooing. The upholstery shop promised to get the sofas back to me this week, but since they were only picked up on Monday, I'm not holding out high hopes. This is a bit of a problem, since we have guests for the weekend and are having a dinner party here on Saturday, all of which will be challenging with no furniture. I don't deal especially well with disorder, but I suppose I'll survive.

There hasn't been much interesting knitting or spinning going on around here, as I have been busy working on some house projects. The last two days have been devoted to installing, trimming out, and painting a new entry door from the garage to the house. The old door frame was literally falling apart, and was so warped that the kids could no longer open the door. This would be the door they run in and out of at least a hundred times a day, so this was no small inconvenience for mom-the-doorman. The new door is lovely and works perfectly.

The old door has been relegated to the garage, to await demolition. It was even uglier when it was hanging in the house.

Oh, and the Icarus countdown? 32 days and 31 rows to go!


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Thanks so much, how exciting!! Hope your living room is back in commission sooner rather than later. I'm still trying to figure out how to email you with my address...

sophanne said...

o.k. so they're going to have a show on DIY simply called "Yarnhog."

One week home repair, the next some spinning, whipping up a sweater during the down time.

Let me know if you need a goofy more-Oscar-less-Felix sidekick

Anonymous said...

I hope you get your furniture back before your guests arrive. Last time I sent something to the upholstery dude (had him make 2 new cushions for a chair), it was 8 weeks before he finished.

Kate said...

Lots of big throw cushions on the floor - an exotic party.
Nice door!

Sharon said...

I like that door! Very pretty.

That was a fun contest, even though I didn't win. I'll get over it...eventually.


...Sarah said...
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...Sarah said...

Your old door looks very perplexed. As if it is wondering why it now in a strange place, without its hardware, The holes look like eyes now. I am with you in the home projects (we are going to be listing our home for sale next week)—they really kill all the fun. Still it is worth it. The new door is a beauty. Many happy openings and closings to you.

5elementknitr said...

It's probably too late but there's this really great idea the Martha Stewart staff came up with for old doors. You hang them on the wall and they can drop down for a work table!

Here's where you can find it