Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Then There Were Two

Yes, my Peanut is a fertile little birdie.

I expected this today, so I've been putting her in her cage every hour or so to see if she would lay in the "nest." She didn't, but she did lay this one in the cage instead of on Younger Son, so I'm calling it an improvement. She doesn't seem to buy into the whole "nest" idea; she actually took the other egg out of the nest and left it in a corner of the cage...but not the same corner as where she laid this one. She seems a little confused about how this whole "roosting" thing works.

I put both eggs back in the nest and brought Peanut back downstairs (she won't start incubating until she's done laying).

She enjoys sitting on my shoulder or chest and chattering to me or preening herself, but she really loves my computer keyboard. She climbs onto it and sticks her head under my typing fingers to get petted. It's super cute, but inconvenient...and getting bird poop out from between the keys is kind of a pain. So I relocated her to a different spot on the computer:

She loves it. She is sitting there, enjoying the warmth, chirping away, and preening herself as I type.

We did have a near-disaster yesterday. I was bringing her downstairs on my shoulder when she abruptly decided she wanted to fly. She fluttered down the stairs and into the family room, where she landed ON Kozmo, who was sleeping on the floor! He reacted as one would expect an 85 pound dog to react when rudely awakened by the two ounce usurper of his master's affection. Fortunately, I got to Koz before he got a grip on Peanut. He was mightily offended by being dragged away by his tail (the first thing I could reach), but far more offended when Older Son swatted him on the nose! No one in this family has ever so much as scolded him, so the nose swat was a grave offense. I pointed out to Older Son that Koz didn't do anything wrong (he was just being a dog), and OS made every effort to make up with Koz, but it may take a while.

Peanut was unharmed, except for the loss of a tail feather and some dog drool on her back. She was completely unfazed by the incident and remains convinced of her own superiority.


Tamara said...

I am LOVING the new Peanut posts. :-) So glad yesterday's incident was nothing really, and I hope all the ruffled feathers (of the dog's, ha) smooth over quickly.

ps: the picture of your patio/pool (?) is so pretty.

Suzanne said...

Wow, Miss Peanut is sure a cutie!

sophanne said...

You are smitten. I can tell. Never would I believe you to wax poetic over bird poop in the keyboard...

Does she squak mightily when she lays an egg? I'm pretty sure I would.

kmkat said...

Sorry, but all I can think of is teeny tiny omelettes.