Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Was I Thinking?!

I am an instant gratification sort of knitter. I like aran weight yarn. I like top-down knitting. I like no finishing. I like plain stockinette. I get the kind of rush from casting off a project that is usually reserved for heroin addicts. In short, I am a knitter of limited patience, which explains my aversion to knitting lace and socks. Or, heaven forbid, lace socks.

It does not explain why I thought it would be a good idea to test knit a lacy camisole in fingering weight yarn.

Somewhere around row seven bazillion, I realized I am essentially knitting the world's largest sock. With lace trim. Aaargh!

This is Cecily, which I've mentioned before I am test knitting for the designer, Snowden Becker.

Now, don't misunderstand: this is a lovely, lovely project. The design is just beautiful. It may, in fact, be the perfect knitted camisole.

The pattern is excellent, and the shaping is truly inspired. Check out the princess-seam waist shaping:

And the beautiful bust darts:

I have just started a third set of shaping at the top of the bust, but you can't really see it yet. And the straps are even bra-friendly without being chunky.

It's a gorgeous project. But if I have to knit any more stockinette in the round in fingering weight black yarn at 7 stitches to the inch, I may just lose it completely. Fortunately, I am almost to another set of...lace repeats. Oh, joy.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, the problem is the black yarn. Had you chosen yarn in an easier-to-see color, the cami would have been done last week and you would be mourning its conclusion ;-)

Steph said...

That is pretty! I love the lace at the bottom. Totally commiserating with you about the fingering weight yarn, remembering a set of baby pants I did in that weight that took for seeming ever!

Kristen said...

ouuuu...I love it! It looks like it will be a beauty and worth every stitch.

sophanne said...

You knit so quickly, it will be finished before you lose your mind. Maybe just a few seconds before but definitely before,

Amy said...

It's beautiful! (I thought at first glance that it was the cashmere from the last post.) The first time I knit a Cobblestone, I had the exact same reaction--"This is just a giant stockinette sock!"

PICAdrienne said...

Eye on the prize, it is lovely. And it is one of those go-to pieces you will wear often. Amazing piece of knitting.

Susanne said...

You are already past the bust darts and almost at the end. It looks great already. I would look forward to the pattern by the designer.