Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Comfort Spinning

While I was waiting for the KG to release my knitting from purgatory (or wherever the heck it was while I was looking for it), I put my usual knitting time to use on some comfort spinning:

This is roving from FiberOptik Yarns. I bought a four ounce braid of superwash merino and a four ounce braid of merino/bamboo, both in the colorway Green Dolphin Street, spun them separately and plied them together. Because each fiber takes dye differently, there is a lovely depth to the finished yarn. This skein is the first half. I've spun up the rest, but it needs to be wound off and washed.

I love the finished yarn so much that I think I may buy more of these fibers and spin enough for a Clapotis, which I've (gasp!) never made before. Or maybe I'll just carry the yarn around and pet it instead.


Aesox said...

(giggle) I've never made one either! Very nice yarn and a neat idea for getting depth in your plied yarn.

Kim said...

I love that handspun! Beautiful colors. Don't let that skein out of your sight or KG might hide it.

5elementknitr said...


That is so pretty!

I, too, have never knit the Clapotis. I still don't feel the urge to - no place to wear it!

sophanne said...

I also have not made the clap-

perfect for a KAL- JUST KIDDING- I can't pressure knit.

sheep#100 said...

Good on you!

Karen said...

Pretty yarn! I really like the colorway!

Haley said...

i want it. don't know what i'd do with it, but this is gorgeous. i want it!

oh and i've never made a clapotis either. probably never will. too many other projects that i will actually use.