Thursday, March 6, 2008

Green With Envy

Look what I got!

This is a sweater's worth of superwash worsted, hand dyed just for me by our very own Sharon, of Chickenlips Knitting/Stitchjones/My mom made this. She has gorgeous colorways of sock yarn available in her Etsy shop, but she will also custom dye larger lots in different weights just for you, if you're so inclined. Just drop her an email ( and let her know what you have in mind. She calls this colorway "Sligo" after a county in Ireland, and this picture probably gives you a pretty good idea why. The actual color is a bit more intense and will be perfect for spring. It will also be perfect for Project Spectrum for April. I don't have anything in this color and I can't wait to cast it on--right after I finish (ugh!) Death By Cables.

The Dickinson Pullover, as it is more correctly called, is coming along. Not perhaps as fast as if I weren't also refinishing furniture, painting and tiling, and trying to look like I know about astronomy, but progressing, nonetheless. I have the back and the front done and am working up my enthusiasm to cast on the first sleeve.

I have been a little distracted by this:

I know I said I wouldn't cast on for anything else until I finished Death, but the Knitting Goddess and I have made an arrangement. (Technically, I have made the arrangement, and I am inferring that she concurs by the absence of dropped stitches, lost needles, gauge nightmares, and missing yarn. I could be mistaken, but I'm thinking she may have taken some small amount of pity on me after all the teeny-tiny charts and recognizes that I need a little plain stockinette, just to take the edge off, or things could get a bit grim around here.) I call this one the Great Green Glob. More green. Hmmm. We may have a theme going, here. It has an official name, but after many miles of lumpy stockinette--it is a thick and thin wool--I can't remember what it is. I can tell you that it is not a sweater. And also that I'm not going to tell you any more for a while. Sorry.


Kim said...

I am loving all the green that's going on in your neckof the woods. Sligo is alive with green! There's a contest going on that deals with green. You should enter! Here's the link:

sophanne said...

What's life without little green blob to knit on? That's my theory- in fact, I may quote myself in my sidebar!

Sharon said...

My, but that yarn looks pretty in your house! :) Thank you for the link and letting your readers know that if they have a special project in mind, I can help make their color dreams come true!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

everyone needs a little great green glob now and then.

5elementknitr said...

Those are pretty greens! I love thick-n-thin yarn.