Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Knitted Gifts Button

Okay. For those who want it, here it is. I admit it's not that impressive, as buttons go. I'm not the most technologically savvy blogger. If anyone wants to dress it up, be my guest! (And let me know, so that I can grab it, too.)


...Sarah said...

See my site for a button and let me know if you like it. I got a little more than excited about an offer to design a button.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a button! I'm sorry I requested one and then didn't make it myself, kinda rude.

Twish said...

Oh my gosh I so wish I had seen this before I decided to knit both my sisters, my mom and my mother in law all lace shawls or stoles. They will be done on time and I believe will be very appreciated as all but one have received and loved gifts before BUT I will say I refuse to give another knitted item to anyone who has received one before and never worn it. We have two kids who have REQUESTED specific items then never worn them. My knitting time is reserved exclusively for those who appreciate the knitted items they get!